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As a Contributor you were assigned a user-name and password from the RVHOBO Network. Please enter them in the login dialog pictured on the left.

You can enter [xxx.] to go directly to the login dialog.

Note: if you are already logged on you can skip this step.


Create Document:

+ New

  1. After logging in, you should now see the black WordPress toolbar at the top of the page. At about the middle of the toolbar you will see the “+ New”  link, put your mouse over it and the “drop-down menu” will be displayed as shown to the left. Select either “Page” or “Post” depending on what you want to create.
  2. You will be taken to the Add Page or Post page depending on your selection.



Document Title & Publish

  1. Name your Page/Post. Note: this will also create the link to the page.
  2. Once you’re happy with the name and link, Publish the Page/Post.

Load Cornerstone Designer

  1. Once the page has been published you need to click the “Edit With Cornerstone” Tab.
  2. From that Tab, Click the “Edit With Cornerstone” button.
  3. You will be taken to the Cornerstone Designer.

Go To Templates

  1. Click the “Layout Tab” from the Toolbox.
  2. Click “Templates”.

Select Template

You will be given both page and section templates to choose from. Additionally you will see Themco Templates and My Pages which contains a large selection of templates that were used to create the RVHOBO Network of websites. Select the page template that best meets your requirements and then edit it to meet your specific needs.

You will now want to customize the document. While there are many options available, our interactive Editing With Cornerstone section below will get you into expert territory in a short period of time. Just click your way to knowledge. Happy Clicking!


Editing With Cornerstone

Your page is completed and it’s time to edit the template elements to meet your requirements. The Edit Wit Cornerstone How To provides and interactive session enabling you to explore at your own pace and to custom tailor the lesson with your requirements.

Edit With CornerstonePrior

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