Quick Start

Step #1

You’re Just a Few Steps Away From Creating a Page or Post!

Step #1


As a Contributor you were assigned a user-name and password from the RVHOBO Network. Please enter them in the login dialog pictured on the left.

You can enter [xxx.]yourwebsite.xxx/wp-admin to go directly to the login dialog.

Note: If your already logged in, you can skip this step.

Step #2Top

Step #2

Create The Document

  1. After logging in, you should now see the black WordPress toolbar at the top of the page. Look on the center for the “+ New” menu item.
  2. Place your mouse over the menu item and the drop-down menu shown at the left will be displayed.
  3. Depending on the type of document you wish to create, select Post or Page. See image at left.
  4. You will be taken to the Visual Editor Page.


Step #3Step #1

Step #3

Enter Document Title

  1. Enter your document title. Notice below the title is the pages “slug”. The slug is used to link to the Document.
  2. Optionally, you can enter a “Featured Image” for the document.
Step #4Step #2

Step #4 – Page or Post?

For Posts Only!

  1. Each Post can belong to a Category. Categories are generally used  to specify your blogs major groupings.
  2. Posts can also have Tags. Tags are generally used for Sub-Categories.

For Pages Only!

  1. Parent Pages. This may be used in menus as well as to group your Pages.
  2. Templates specify the basic layout of your Page. For example, a menu to the right of the page.
  3. Order. Pages or child pages can be displayed in a specific order.
Step #5Step #3

Step #5

Edit Your Document

  1. We assume you are familiar with using a Word Processor. The RVHOBO Network provides you with a Premium Word Processor for editing your documents. The toolbar buttons should be obvious as shown at left. Additionally you can customize the toolbar..
  2. Inserting Media is a snap. Just click the “Add Media” Button located at the top-left of the toolbar as shown at left.
Step #6Step #4

Step #6

Publish, Save or View?

  1. Save Draft lets you save your work without Publishing it so that it is not available for general viewing.
  2. Preview lets you view your document before you publish it for general viewing.
  3. Publish saves and Publishes your document, making it available for general viewing.
What’s Next?Step #5

Whats Next?

Your Options

  1. You can go to your websites Home Page by clicking the website link from the top-toolbar shown above.
  2. You can continue maintaining your website by selecting an item from the Dashboard Toolbar (shown left) or the WordPress Toolbar shown at top.
TopStep #6