Quick Start

Step #1

You’re Just 5 Steps Away From Editing Your Page or Post!

Step #1


As a Contributor you were assigned a user-name and password from the RVHOBO Network. Please enter them in the login dialog pictured on the left.

You can enter [xxx.]yourwebsite.xxx/wp-admin to go directly to the login dialog.

Note: Skip this step if you are already logged in.

Step #2

Step #2

Note: The Visual Editor is generally used for Posts, a Designer is generally used for Pages. However, either can be used for either document.

The Visual Editor is desirable when you wish to create Newspaper Style Articles with Text, Pictures and Links.

Load The Visual Editor

  1. After logging in, you should now see the black WordPress toolbar at the top of the page. Look in the center of the toolbar for the “Edit Post/Page” link as shown in the image at the top-left. Click it.
  2. The Page/Post will be displayed in the Visual Editor.


Step #3Step #1

Step #3

Edit The Document

This “Quick Start”  assumes that you are already familiar with the Visual Editor Style  Interface and buttons. The RVHOBO Network Websites provide  the extended TinyMCE Visual Editor. It works just like your Word Processor or E-Mail program, and about every other high-end document editing program on the Internet.

Also note that above the editor are the “Insert Media” and “Insert Shortcodes” buttons.

Step #4Step #2

Step #4

View The Document

Once you have your document edited, you can view the document by clicking the “Preview button on the top right of the page.

Step #5Step #3

Step #5

Save Your Work!

Now save your work by clicking the update button located about half way down on the right as pictured at the right.

ExitingStep #4

Exit Stage Left!

Where to go next?

Now you can use one of the many options available on the Dashboard, or click the websites name on the WordPress toolbar.  This will bring you to the home page where you can navigate to the other pages and post and review and/or edit them.

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