Horde Webmail Basics

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      Here we will present the basics on using the Horde application. For more help, please see Horde’s Help System by clicking on the Gear Icon at the far right in the main top menu and choosing Help from the drop-down menu. You have to be logged in (see Accessing Webmail) and choose Horde as your Webmail application.

      Using Mail:

      • If it’s not already open, click on Mail from the main top menu.
      • Compose a new message by clicking on New Message from the left side bar.
      • View a list of all emails by clicking on Inbox on the left.
      • Reply, Forward and Delete an email by selecting it from the Inbox. The sub-menu, below the Main Menu appears with Refresh, Reply, Forward and Delete buttons.
      • Set Mail Preferences from Main Menu > Gear Icon > Preferences > Mail

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      To set which application is displayed after login:

      • Main Menu > Gear Icon > Preferences > Global Preferences > Display Preferences.
      • Choose What application should Horde display after login from the pull-down menu (Mail, Address Book, Calendar, etc.)

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      • To create mail filters to filter out unwanted email, Main Menu > Mail > Filters
      • Click on New Rule from the left panel.
      • Use Rule Name to give your filter a name
      • Set up the rule options then click Save
      • You can also Whitelist an email address which allows you to receive the email or Blacklist the email address to block the email. Enter each address on a separate line.
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